How The Incas Built Roads Influence The Inca Civilization

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Inca, now a part of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru was one of the most famous civilizations. The Incas started in the Andes mountain in the 1200AD. The Incas used to be hunters from Asia. The people took thousands of years for them to form a community. The Incas developed roads, expanded their land, and their uniformity with other empires helped their empire rise.
The Incas had skilled road builders. The Incas built roads that were over 40,000km in the Andes Mountain. It was really challenging for Incans to move around in the mountain so they built their own roads. It took them a certain time to study roads so they won’t break. All the roads were paved by people. Incas built roads that were easy for people to spread news
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The Incas started to conquer empires neighboring them and they started to expand. The Incas were special when they conquer an empire. They let the old ruler of the empire be the ruler but the people needed to learn the Inca language, Quechua and follow the laws of Inca. From the land they earned from wars, they used it for agriculture. They also used it to experiment with new crops and for new methods of cultivation. Since the Incas lived in a high-altitude place, they had limited vegetables. They ate food like potatoes and other grains. The Incas gradually strengthened their kingdom by the military conquest of neighboring countries. They had a hard time fighting the Chancas, which was a powerful union which was made up with a number of groups to stop the Incas. These things made the Incas grow…show more content…
The Incans used the language Quechua. Although the language got exist, in Spanish there are some words form Quechua. The Incas forced countries they invaded to use the language. The Incans used a braid called khipu or quipu, to keep record and book keeping. Scientists say that the color and the weaving of the khipu had different meainigs. It was also an measuring device to count numbers. The Incans had very strict punishments when someone broke the laws. Different from other places, Incas had low crime rates. There isn’t any system of imprisonment. If one made a mistake for their first time, he would get a scolding or a warning from the government. Then if one makes a mistake for their second time, then it would lead them to death by hanging, or stoning or by pushing the person off the cliff. The death penalty was given for killing, robbing, breaking state possessions. Laziness was also a serious crime. The rules also applied to disabled and the old people. The old people needed to collect things to pay their tax. For disabled people who can’t work, had to do things that wouldn’t affect themselves. Disabled people weren’t able to marry anyone who are also disabled. From these strict laws, the people were able to work more
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