The Importance Of Incentive-Based Advertising

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Incentive-based advertising is a form of advertising that provided rewards to those mobile users who willing to get themselves exposed to the advertisement (Becker, 2010; Richard and Meuli, 2013). Incentive has been proved possess a pivotal role in increase the acceptance of mobile users towards mobile advertising (Richard and Meuli, 2013) since it provides specific financial rewards to individuals who agree to receive promotions and campaigns (Tsang et al., 2004). In fact, there is a general belief whereby mobile users would not easily accept mobile advertising unless there is a benefit in receiving the mobile message. Thus, incentive might be one of the factor that contribute to positive acceptance of mobile advertising (Ünal et al., 2011).…show more content…
freebies, trial package) on condition of registration (Pousttchi and Widemann, 2010). For instance, some mobile operators in order want to encourage the mobile users to use mobile advertising service, hence they provide incentive such as reward free air time and SMS to those mobile users as an exchange to view the mobile advertisement (Nikos and Iosif, 2005; Ünal et al., 2011). In the previous sub-topic, both of the mobile service provider in Malaysia (i.e. Maxis and Digi) also launch permission-based mobile advertising that associated with the incentives (i.e. free SMS and voice call minutes) that provided to the mobile users (Digi, 2011; OTM, 2011). Thus, it is apparent that it places priority on additional value to those customer who opt-in the mobile advertising service, they can earn reward point which can exchange for voice call minutes and free SMS (TheStar, 2011,…show more content…
Incentive given through mobile advertising can lead more convenience if compare with traditional way. As can be seen, mobile coupon indeed increased the frequency of mobile users shop visits (Pousttchi and Widemann, 2010). Distribution incentive (i.e. E-Coupon) through mobile advertising platform is more convenience and help the marketer cut off the unnecessary cost.

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To sum up, both incentive-based and permission-based advertising had been found out bring positive effect in the judgement of mobile user’s receptiveness towards mobile advertising. Through increase the awareness of mobile users in giving permission in conscious way taken together provide the tangible incentive in monetary and non-monetary way indeed provide an irresistible for mobile users to activate themselves use in mobile

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