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Language in the modern world is diverse and in a constant state of change with the adoption of slang, abbreviations and assimilation. While the language changes, people that are accustomed to the dialect they were raised with change with it, their speech is modified then the language changes altogether. A prime example is the Mexican and Spanish language, the Spanish inhabited Mexico and over the years of separation a new language was formed that remains very similar to the Spanish language however it created a new language altogether. With that being said, forcing a new language down the throats of children, that may or may not be having a hard time with english as it is, feels pretentious.
Many countries require English to be taught as a
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The implementation of a required secondary language is obscene and infringes on someone 's right to be ignorant to the rest of the world. If we force people to study a second language will not increase the initiative of a child to learn it, “students find in-school language learning difficult, boring or discouraging” -Luca Lampariello. When people are forced or assigned a task to complete they will be missing a key essential to complete it, they lack incentive. Incentive is a key factor in driving people of any age to complete something and the incentive to learn comes from within an individual we shouldn’t be able to force another language onto children. However we, as a society, should be able to make children realize that it should be something they want to do bringing to light how rewarding and satisfying this tool could be to…show more content…
Forcing children to dive into a second language when they have yet to perfect the English language is irresponsible and could cause confusion and create more slang and english modification and could result in another language altogether. This is a worst case scenario, however the result remains possible and why would the United States require a secondary language for natural born citizens when this country has the largest economy in the world. The need for a secondary language requirement likely stems from a sense of guilt, that can be attributed to social movements, and we are trying to impress other cultures and prove something to other nations, I believe that today’s youth is embarrassed of the country they call
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