Incentive Persuasive Essay

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Information benefits everyone. Making large events known to the public out weights the benefits of keeping it a secret. In other cases not telling surrounding business about a smaller event has a far greater incentive. This proposal is intended to remove the benefits of keeping Cooperstown events secret. By keeping events on non-event days secret employees, the restaurant, and attendees benefit from free parking. By giving a single person incentives to tell us about events it takes away the incentive keeping it a secret gives to many and reduces losses. Participants: CT employees excluding Jason and Jeremy (schedules events). Restriction: 1. No incentive is given if we do not work the event due to it 's predicted size or if we already…show more content…
Incentive #1 or #2 are not given if we do not work the event. 5. Incentive #2 is not given if the min. # of cars is not met. 6. If they park for lunch + a $5.00 event then incentive #2 costs you $10.00 rather than $15.00. The remaining $5.00 if forfeited. 7. If they park for lunch + a $20.00 event they pay $10.00 instead of $25.00 with incentive #2. 8. If they chose to use incentive #2 on a day with 3 Disney shows and each show is a $5.00 show then they pay nothing. 9. If they chose to incentive #2 on a day with 3 Disney shows and only work 2 of the 3 $5.00 shows then it cost you $10 rather than $15.00. Doing nothing costs you more money and allows more people to benefit. For instance charity events that are kept a secret basically forces you into making a donation. Donations of goods or services are called in-kind donations. It doesn 't matter if you claim it on taxes or not ; it 's a decision for you to make not Cooperstown. Why should everyone benefit from the charitable event except you? You don 't get paid for parking and you don 't get the tax benefit from the donation. Keeping track of who gets the incentive is no different or any more of a hassle as it is to track and collect the money owed by
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