The Film Inception

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The movie Inception was a very successful, original, big-budget, big-profit, thrilling sci-fi movie that was directed by the well-known Christopher Nolan. As it came out in 2010, it impressed a lot of people! Despite having released other amazing films, such as “The Dark Knight” and “Momento”, Chris Nolan really surprised his audience with the ingenious film Inception.
The movie Inception represents an important point in the development history of the science-fiction genre! I agree with Josh Tyler, who in his movie review, said: “Inception gets what great science fiction movies are supposed to be about. It’s a story full of big ideas, ideas so big that science fiction was really the only way to convey them and they play out perfectly.” The
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The movie took place in many different areas, so it kept jumping back and forth from different shots, which got the visual aspect of the movie noticed. When I was watching the movie I felt like I was in a dream myself. I was completely absorbed into the story. The several effects made by the technology used for filming made it feel so real. You sometimes feel like you know what might be coming next, and even when it does it still makes you jump – sure happened to me when I was watching it! And in this film, how it was filmed is very important. To create some of the scenes, they needed to use special effects and what they film and the angles they film at will affect the way the audience sees it and feels about it. For example, in the first dream with Ariadne and Cobb, they are in Paris. When she realises they are in a dream, things around her explode and the table shakes and all these different shots and effects give the whole point that it’s her imagination that is making the dream. And that’s when they really start to explain the subconscious and how the dream works. That’s when a lot of narration from Cobb, explaining the aspects of dreaming and being in a dream, came in. Also, the music and sound effects in the movie sounded like they were chosen very carefully and
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