Incident That Changed My Life Essay

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There are many incidents one met in life that change the whole concept of living. Similarly I had an incident which not only change my vision towards life but also to the words you speak and how much they hurt someone enough that you then regret of saying them. It was a very dull morning for me. On that day, I not only get late for my first lecture but I also had a fight with my mother. She was telling me to clean my room before I leave which was not less than a lecture for me in the early morning. I get frustrated and not only said her some rude words but was quite loud to her. I left the house in anger therefore I didn’t attend the first lecture. Meanwhile to spend some time I went to cafeteria. I was enjoying my cup of tea with my favorite…show more content…
I was stunned about knowing his life. I tried to say something to him but I wasn’t able to speak anything. Somehow from my expression he got something. He said I know you want to say something but you don’t know what to say. I replied him yes you are right. He further continued his story. Same was my situation when I was there where I can’t do anything for my mother and myself. Thinking all this made me feel all alone. I then somehow gather the power and decided to struggle for my livelihood and my mother. I left my studies because I had no money to continue them and I don’t want my mother to handle more burden. I started a job and along some teaching classes to small kids. After a hard period of one year, I was able enough to continue my studies and now my only mission is to become someone on whom my father get proud of and then I will ask him why he did all of this to us . This is the reason I don’t make friends nor talk useless to someone. I don’t have time to make friends or do party. I not only have to study or just pass the exams I have to maintain my scholarship and along with my studies I have to go on job and to the teaching classes I give. He further said that he knew there is no one for him whom he can rely on. He have to make himself all alone and have to give a better life to his mother who have worked really hard to make him a better
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