Incisional Hernia Essay

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Incisional Hernia
What Is Incisional Hernia?

Incisional hernia occurs when the hernia protrudes through an incision made on the patient’s abdominal wall (old scar) from a previous surgical procedure. In this medical condition, internal organs such as the intestine can herniate or protrude out from the abdomen causing discomfort and a big bulge in the abdomen especially on coughing. Pain or gangrene of the bowel can arise from incisional hernia, which will require emergency surgery.
What Are the Causes of Incisional Hernia?

Some of the common causes of incisional hernia include:

1. Infection
2. Poor wound care
3. Poor surgical stitching and/or techniques

What Are the Risk Factors Associated with Incisional Hernia?

A previous history
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Part of the intestine may die or start decaying due to the lack of blood supply to the intestine, which may lead to gangrene. This can be fatal, if not treated through immediate surgical intervention.
What Are The Screening Methods For Incisional Hernia?

Once a swelling, visible protrusion, or bulge is located, your doctor may suggest following tests: 1. Examining a scar or wound developed from a previous surgery to identify swelling, protrusion, or bulge
2. Blood tests
3. X-rays
4. Ultrasound or CT scan

While diagnosing the incisional hernia, your surgeon may further schedule a surgery to repair an incisional hernia (also medically termed as ventral hernia repair). How Incisional Hernia Can Be Treated?

An Incisional hernia, in general, cannot be treated or repaired by using medications. In most cases, your doctor may suggest surgery as the only viable option for treating this condition. A surgery is recommended in following situations:

1. If the size of hernia grows over a period of time and becomes very large
2. When the lump looks ugly and affects an individual’s aesthetic appearance
3. If the bulge is
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