Incivility In The Workplace Essay

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Incivility Workplace incivility affects our everyday interactions, professional nursing relationships and our organizations. It is important to be aware of incivility to address it. Incivility in the workplace doesn’t have to be a major event, but it may be little things daily that can make a huge impact. This affects the employee which impacts productivity and patient care. Employee turnover rates, job dissatisfaction, and poor workplace environments can be attributed to incivility. Employees may feel as though they are unable to report incivility due to retribution or loss of employment. It is time for people that need help to be courageous and speak up. Incivility in the work environment needs to stop. Incivility in Nursing According…show more content…
The first strategy I want to incorporate is the caught in the act of caring. This will be given to employees who not only went beyond the expected for patients, but also for other nurses. The second strategy I want to implement is an open-door policy with daily meetings and debriefings. I want to be able to create an open atmosphere where employees feel free to be themselves. While there will be conflicts that arise, I want the staff to be able to openly discuss the events without fear of retribution. Conclusion It is important to understand workplace incivility to address it. Incivility affects not only individuals on a personal level, but also affects the work climate and the nursing profession. Incivility can manifest as negative behaviors in the workplace that has negative affects on another person. I have witnessed incivility in my personal career. Nursing is the only profession I have known, and incivility is sad to see. I want to be able to be a part of change. I want to be able to help promote a healthy work environment that uplifts employees and becomes a place where people want to
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