Including Samuel Film Analysis

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The film Including Samuel discusses the difficulties of inclusion. The film follows several families and their experiences with inclusion. Each person presented in the film experienced a different version of inclusion, and with their experience arose diverse challenges. Including Samuel follows people varying in age with a variety of disabilities. The documentary successfully established the difficulties of inclusion within an educational institution. It not only included challenges with inclusion in an educational setting, but in everyday life and family settings. Including Samuel demonstrates the difficulties of inclusion in education. Through the story of Samuel inclusion in the classroom is not an issue for him. Samuel’s peers are inclusive…show more content…
Sam loves watching sports and participating in them. Sam’s parents are involved in all of the sports Sam is involved in. His parents want Sam to be as happy as he can be. Sports make Sam happy and keep him involved with his peers. His parents purchase new equipment for Sam to participate in sports such as baseball and basketball. Sam’s parents view involvement as an important part of his life. Involvement creates a sense of normalcy in their family. Keith Jones story presents several situations where he was isolated from those around him. He was place in a school that focused on developmental disabilities. There he was extremely unhappy with the way he was treated. Keith states “I want a house, a wife, a job, a dog, and kids” (Habib) He was told it is a great goal, but he would never achieve his goals. Keith was constantly told how he will not and cannot live his life. He had his mother who encouraged him to reach his goals and achieve his dreams. Keith constantly defied odds and succeeded in achieving his…show more content…
In Sam’s story his family is involved in every aspect. His parents are constantly finding new ways for Sam to participate in everything. Being extremely involved in Sam’s life, they often forget about their other son, Isaiah. He is involved in Sam’s life and loves to help out as much as he can. However, his needs are often put below Sam’s. In Emily Huff’s case the situation is the opposite. Her family spent majority of their time with Emily. She often acted out. Her parents often did not know how to handle the situations. Her family were the ones to handle her out bursts, her family often avoided family functions as a result. Her family become more isolated as the years passed. As Emily got older her family became more social, but they are still distant because of the
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