Inclusion And Diversity Rhetorical Analysis

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In some cultures there are companies who rely on the chain of command concept. This concept can also be referred to as having a hierarchy which is an organization in which people or groups are ranked one about the other according to authority. The chosen manager is one level ahead of their employees. In this type of atmosphere employees are under watch and rule of the manager whom was delegated by someone further up the ladder. Because the manager has the authority in this type of culture, there is a certain way an employee must discuss or present information regarding the organization as well as personally.
In other cultures, organizations do not have a hierarchy. Instead, employees work as a team to complete
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is a great example of how they chose to use the diversity not only of products, but also of the variety of skills from employees and consumers across cultures to build a successful, growing empire. In his article, “Inclusion and Diversity” Tim Cook shares with his audience how proud he is of the amount of innovativeness and creativity that is delivered to development, products, and customer service. He goes on to explain that Apple Inc.’s strong belief in making sure all employees are treated equally no matter their religious belief, ethnicity, or race.

After pulling the demographics of their employees from the previous year (2014) they set a goal to increase diversity even more. Over the course of 2015 Apple Inc. has hired over 11,000 women globally, more than 2,200 Black employees, and 2,700 Hispanic employees, all of which are stereotyped as being ‘underrepresented’ ethnicities. With such an expansion of culture they’ve proven that language barriers, religious beliefs, or responses to authoritative figures have not held them back but in fact has helped them climb their way to the top. With the wide array of talents and skills from across the globe put efforts into helped the underprivileged by adding technology in school or offering
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