Essay On Inclusion In Education

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INTRODUCTION Inclusion in education is the act of integrating and accommodating each student regardless of their learning difficulties, disabilities, or other special needs. That is why in our world today, parents, educators, and lawmakers are pushing for inclusion, for the right of each child with special needs to learn alongside their peers, to have the same access to opportunities and academic advantages, and to be able to take part and contribute in the community. In the field of education, inclusion has become a controversial topic, because of the ethical and legal issues that surrounds it. On one hand, it promotes equality and diversity among the student population and it is meant to accommodate each and every student despite their…show more content…
SAFETY INSIDE THE CLASSROOM Safety is an issue that concerns both the educators and students, especially when violent outbursts or incidents committed by students such as hair pulling, spitting, kicking, punching, and verbally-abusing are being reported to be happening inside classrooms. As surreal as it may seem, these things do happen in schools and most of the time the teachers are the ones who suffer the most. In an incident that took place in Conners Elementary School in 2013, it was reported by Paul Takahashi from the Las Vegas Sun, that a restraining order has been filed against an eight-year-old boy who was identified as having special needs after he threatened a classmate with scissors and physically attacked her. It was also reported that he had attacked other students and teacher. The parents of the attacked child, the Soncinis, filed a restraining order, after learning from their daughter that she was scared to be around the
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