Inclusion In Education Essay

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INTRODUCTION Inclusion in education is the act of integrating and accommodating each student regardless of their learning difficulties, disabilities, or other special needs. That is why in our world today, parents, educators, and lawmakers are pushing for inclusion, for the right of each child with special needs to learn alongside their peers, to have the same access to opportunities and academic advantages, and to be able to take part and contribute in the community. In the field of education, inclusion has become a controversial topic, because of the ethical and legal issues that surrounds it. On one hand, it promotes equality and diversity among the student population and it is meant to accommodate each and every student despite their…show more content…
In a study conducted by Unianu (2011) on Teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive education, a possible reason for mainstream teachers having preconceived ideas on children with special needs is the fact that they may not know or identify the main characteristics of students who have different disabilities. Since they lack this ability, they need assistance and support from school professionals such as the school counselor and or school psychologist in order to help each child and create an educational activity that will effectively and efficiently help the child learn (Unianu, 2011). These are some of the reasons why issue like incapable and inadequate educators pose as a problem inside the classroom. Since these teachers are not qualified or trained to handle an integrated or inclusive classroom and the school may lack the necessary resources and services needed, both the learning of the regular students and the students with special needs will be disrupted. Aside from that, the safety of the students and the teacher will both be put at risk. The following incidents clearly indicate that without the adequate teacher training and qualifications, services, and resources, inclusion will not be effective for students, especially those students who have special needs as they won’t receive the proper support that will supplement their learning.
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