Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inclusion In The Classroom

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This is an academic programme where children with disabilities are put in regular classrooms with children without disabilities for learning. The children with disabilities learn in the same class with the others with support and assistance of both the regular classroom teacher and the special needs teacher. In this case, the child is educated and helped to reach his/her maximum potential in the same setup (classroom) as his peers without being moved to another room or resource centre.
Mainstreaming: in this case, the special education child is put in a regular classroom with his peers for selected lessons, he/she is then pulled out to another room or a resource centre for a one on one attention by the special education teacher. For example the child may attend a music or
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Children get exposure to future inclusion i.e. it toughens the children preparing them for the real world.
7. Expectation for each child to develop his/her strengths and gifts is high .
8. It helps children believe in themselves and have a sense of belonging hence boosting their self-esteem.
9. It improves the possibility of teachers and students to adopt different teaching and learning styles.
10. It brings about understanding and tolerance among the children with disabilities and those without. 11. Expectations to succeed are high hence providing a healthy competition and learning from each other.
Disadvantages of inclusion
1. Teachers may feel they are not equipped or trained to work with special needs children.
2. It may slow down the pace of learning as the teacher has to attend both children with and without disabilities
3. Children with disabilities may be subjected to bullying by the other children as they may find it difficult to form social relationships.
4. Some children may feel inadequate next to their non-disabled children hence lowering their self- esteem which would make it hard for them to concentrate.
5. The special needs children may be

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