Inclusion Of The Bible In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Inclusion of the Bible in “Fahrenheit 451” Throughout much of Ray Bradbury’s novel “Fahrenheit 451,” we witness a society with a very prominent disdain of books or anything that provokes thoughts within individuals in that society. The people’s dislike for valuable thought eventually led to all books, philosophy, religion, and deep thinking being completely banned. Our main character in the book, Guy Montag, soon realizes how the way the world is organized is not the way he wants to be living. The night that Montag had answered a fire call while working at the fire station was the night that changed his perspective into realizing that the world lacks any knowledge of value. After he visits the home that he is getting a call from, the woman whose house that they were going to burn for having books in it ended up lighting her house on fire herself while she was also in the house. Before the house was burnt, Montag took a Bible, one of the few actually left in the world. He later on starts memorizing the first part of the book of Ecclesiastes, since he knew that the Bible he took would need returned to the fire captain. Towards the end of the book after Montag flees the city, he meets a group of men who also read books and had memorized many classic books. Montag reveals to the group that he has memorized parts of Ecclesiastes and parts of Revelation. Out of every book that Montag could have memorized from the Bible, he chose the one that emphasized the important of wisdom

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