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TASK 1: Academic Writing (20%) - Individual Task Inclusive pedagogy is a transformative approach to teaching and learning activities in the classroom, Florian (2015). Discuss the concepts, aims and policy of inclusive education as well as critically discuss the implementation of education in school and crucial factors that contribute to the success of the programme. Using relevant literature, analyse the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in the implementation of inclusive education in Malaysia as a transformative approach in your ESL classroom. 1.0 Introduction to inclusive education The emphasize on this statement can be seen in Malaysia with 34 special education school with the enrollment of 7709 students. There is also enrollment in special education…show more content…
(book )Although the concept of inclusive education is normally perceived as “children with disabilities in normal school”, it definitely has a broader term than that. It basically means to an education system which continually works at increasing participation and removing exclusion from all the aspects of schooling in a way which makes a student feel no different from any other student and which ensures academic achievement (Ainscow & Booth, 2002). ( 1 more concept) 2.2 Aims The main aim of inclusive education is basically to provide an equal opportunity of getting an education to “promote the fullest development of the child” (Malaysia, 2014) But, probably the stress in this aim not seen clearly enough because, although Malaysia has officially begun its efforts to include students with special needs through Education Act 1996, inclusive education “seems elusive to many children who need it” (Ahli, 2012) which clearly calls in more effort to re-emphasize the aim. 2.3

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