Inclusive Education Essay

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Inclusive education refers to the education of all students, within a single system. It is a social model view of education, where there is an acceptance of diversity and ability. Inclusive education aims to educate all individuals with diverse needs within the same environment and class, regardless of differences in ability (Lomofsky & Lazarus, 2001). All learners therefore have equal access to the same curriculum as all learners are welcomed into the general education system. In addition, all learners have an equal and shared education and learning experience, with all needs accommodated for. This essay will provide an overview of inclusive education within South Africa, as well as providing different types of education approaches for Deaf individuals. Furthermore, it will illustrate the way in which these are implemented in schools within South Africa.
The idea of inclusive education begins with the belief that education is a basic human right for all individuals (Naicker, 2005). It may be said that Inclusive education refers to equal rights,
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Theoretically, the goal of inclusive education is to transform schools and education systems (Lomofsky & Lazarus, 2001), resulting in an increase in access to all students, enhancing the school personnel’s and students acceptance of the diversity of learners and increasing the participation of students as well as increasing the achievements of learners within the system (Artiles, et al., 2006). In addition, it may be seen as a reform that supports the diversity of learner’s ability. Furthermore, it presumes that the goal of the inclusive education system is to eliminate social prejudice and the exclusion of individuals that is on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, disability, ability, ethnicity as well as religion (Ainscow & César,
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