Inclusive Education In Education

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There are many children with different disabilities in the world. Nowadays number of children with different disabilities are increasing, Mostly in abroad. Teaching children with disabilities is very difficult and it take lot of time but using special method we can make disable child educated and talented. As we all we know that children with disabilities requires special treating and attention of his or her teachers and parents.
When we prepare to teach kids with disabilities.
The future of the nation is children. Their footsteps will not only write the history of the nation. Other than that they educate us on what needs to be change so in our education system we have to include children with learning disabilities. The educational system or the educators need to contract a new method to instruct children with disabilities the system
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There are inclusive education system in some countries. Inclusive education play an important role to develop children with disabilities. The European Agency of the development of special need education for inclusion, involving a major literature view, 14 country visits and consultation with 55 experts in 25 countries. The review found that the benefit of increasing inclusion linked to other priorities such as social justice and community cohesion. (EADSNE 2dla p.4) even in researches it shows inclusive education system is effective to teach children with learning disabilities. There are some countries that don’t follow inclusion education system. But most of the researches show that inclusive

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