Inclusive Education In Malaysia

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1. Introduction
With the global focus more towards inclusive education, Malaysia now officially made serious efforts and support to include children with specials needs in some workshop and training activities which organise by United Nations(UN) and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation.(Mary Yap Dec2014)

Every child in the world has their right to learn and to have a primary education. Inclusive education is a common topic for many parents and educators. The concept of inclusive education is whereby the children with special needs regardless of their disadvantages, characteristics or difficulties, will be placed in the same classroom environment with other children who do not have special needs. This including the
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Second is explain what is inclusive education and the benefits of it. The challenging and the misconceptions of inclusive education is in the third part. Accommodation and the suggestion for inclusive education is the following discussion, and the last one is conclusion.

1.1 Historical Special Education Development in Malaysia

Malaysia Government involve in special education formally in year 1948, with opening of Princess Elizabeth School for the Blind. Previously the special needs education(SEN) was undertaken by community group and religious-based institution.(Mr Mohd Nordin Bin Awang Mat)

During the early years of independence, government is focusing to provide educational services and facilities for this mainstream children, and they are never overlook the educational needs of the children with SEN. The Education Act of 1961 stated that SEN children should have a free but not compulsory
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The special Education Department is only responsible for the administration of all special education schools within the Ministry.

1.2 Special Education Program

Ministry of Education responsible in three types of special education programs which available for children with SEN.

1.Special educational schools
These special educational schools are only available at the primary and secondary schools level’s children with hearing and visual impairment.

2.Integration programs in mainstream schools
The particular education for children with SEN is known as Integrated Programs. Different with the special school, theses special program are a part of the mainstream system. This maximise the social integration between children with SEN and their mainstream friends. The process of education special children in Integrated programs is either partial inclusion with mainstream children or segregation.

3. Inclusive Education Programs
Inclusive Education was introduce in Malaysia in 1994. Two types of inclusion are being practiced: (I) Partial inclusion, which some come from mainstream schools or Integrated Programs and (II) Total

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