Inclusive Education Importance

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The importance of inclusive education
The duty of teachers concerned with making inclusive classrooms is to emphasize the social environment of the classroom and take dynamic steps to instruct and show respect for differences. For instance, the same students who, prior to inclusive education, would have thought that Kwadwo uses the sign dialect or the Braille since he is hard of hearing or indeed visually disabled, will presently learn that children communicate or examined books at distinctive levels, on the same subject, or that Adwoa employments a combine of bolsters since she is physically challenged, will presently learn that individuals may walk in an unexpected way, but through the same way of
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Inclusive Education is a relatively new concept, and is now recognized throughout the world. Inclusive Education in essence stands for equality, and accepts every child with his or her own unique capabilities. This notion is now being accepted by all the international, national and local educational programs. Inclusion therefore entails the educational system making it open and welcoming to…show more content…
Inclusive education thus calls for a flexible education system which accepts, accommodates and assimilates the needs of a wide range of learners and adapts itself to meet the differing needs. For instance it prepared resource materials for teachers to achieve knowledge about children with disabilities. (UNESCO (1993). Special Needs in the Classroom: Teacher Resource Pack. Paris: UNESCO.) UNESCO also organized conferences and meets to push the agenda of Inclusion the world over (UNESCO (1994). The Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action on Special Needs Education.
Inclusive education tries to help all the stakeholders in the system made up of learners, parents, community, teachers, administrators, policy makers) to accept diversity of students’ abilities at learning and see it as a challenge to impart education to all including the students with disabilities and not to see education of all students carried out together in a same setting as a

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