Essay On Income Inequality

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Income inequality is a widespread occurrence affecting the global community. Income inequality is the gap between the world’s top income earners and the rest of the population. The ethical question is whether the world's top earners should help those with lower incomes. This debate has become more relevant in the last three decades due to the unnatural increase in the income gap. Without the support of the bottom 99 percent, democracies will lose their functionality. Democracies around the world are based on equal opportunity; the growing income disparity threatens to erode that foundation on which our society is built.

Income inequality is an inevitable characteristic of a capitalist market economy, but the rate at which the income gap has
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The US must invest in education. A child's education is a single-handedly the most important factor of an economy's long-term growth. A child's secondary education is the most important stage of her education because a good high school education creates high school degrees, a desired quality for companies and employers. In a time when college degrees are coveted by companies, not having even a high school degree dramatically reduces a person's chance at securing a job. When a student drops out of high school, they become unable to attend college, unable to support their family, and especially unable to become "upwardly mobile" in the social strata. A shocking 25 percent of high school freshman do not graduate high school on time (after four years). If that percentage decreased even a little, those students would support their families and maybe even make enough income to move up in their social class to create less of a gap between the rich and the poor. Our future is children, so we must invest in their well-being and education. Education benefits the economy because companies always search for educated and competent employees because competence makes organizations run smoother, benefiting everyone from the janitor to the
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