Income Inequality In America Essay

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Based on freedom and equality, America is today the country the most unequal amongst developed countries. Today there is a very big difference between the ideal, what Americans think and the reality of the income distribution. There is only a very small share in the middle class. This is a major crisis in the United States indeed, 1 per cent of the rich have 40 per cent of the country’s wealth. There is more and more difference between the rich and the poor, but also between blacks and whites people. Which alternatives to these inequalities in the United States? America is the country the more unequal amongst developed countries: 10 per cent of the active people accounted to them 50 per cent of the income. The incomes of the richest have increased by 3 per cent in the recent years. An average person must work a month to earn what the richest earn in one hour. Four years after the return of growth in the United States, signs of the crisis amongst the most disadvantaged Americans abound. The stagnation, or even declining sale of low-prices chains, while luxury retailers are doing well, is a concrete illustration of the crisis respecting the income inequality. …show more content…

To improve the situation, Obama wants to apply a revalorization of the minimum income and benefit from taxes on the rich. Today the average income of the 10 per cent of the richest is sixteen times greater than the 10 per cent of the poorest. What’s more, the number of “working poor” in America has increased significantly. In 2011, 47.5 million people lived in families earning less than 200 per cent of the official poverty rate. About 33 per cent of the families of workers, compared to 31

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