Income Inequality In America Essay

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3.1 How income inequality affect on people live in America. The income gap in America affects people, who live in this country. The issue has a strong impact in America’s society; in particular, the nutritional disparity between rich and poor people. In USA, the food gap becomes the top signal for the class distinction, but it used to be clothing or fashion. The food inequality in America is not only influencing the poverty, it is also cost hundreds of billions of dollar per year because of Non Communicable Diseases (NDCs) (Ferdman, 2014). In addition, many people think that wealthy consume more food so they are easy to get obesity, diabetes or heart disease. In fact, in America, the low-income groups have the highest rates in NDCs. According to the worldwide study, there are a connection between NCDs and the socio-economic levels link to the energy in America’s meals and the cost of meals. The American has average income spend less than $8 per person per day for their meals and beverages. Meanwhile, poor people just spend only $25 per person per week. This is a big gap in their cost of meal. The main cause is healthful diets cost more than unhealthful diets (Drewnowski & Darmon, 2005). Besides, America is the unhealthiest countries in the world. 3.2 How do people in America make choice in food? People always make…show more content…
Furthermore, 70% of people, who come from low-income groups and middle-income groups, die because of these diseases. NCDs do not only occur in elderly, most of NDCs cases in America are from adults under 70 years old and children (Paho, n.d.). According to the national data, from 2986 to 2002, an indicator of excess body fat (MBI) in low-income groups and low education groups was higher than other groups. The BMI and obesity were inversely proportional to wages (FRAC,
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