Income Inequality In America

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Income Inequality Income Inequality or “wage gap” is a big topic for freedom fighters and liberals for the simple fact that it isn’t equal for everyone. Because the wage gap is so prominent it's one of the biggest “facts” that discrimination is still apart of everyday American society. The wage gap from these radical interest groups think the economy is get a dollar take a dollar instead of a free flow economy. This misguided idea of the economy is absolutely not true and isn’t at the fault of the Government, but the people. One of the arguments used is that we could regulate and tax the 1% income because that would be “fair” but these numbers show how harmful that way of thinking is. 18% of taxes for the “bottom” of the bracket which is around 20% of the U.S population.…show more content…
65% for the “upper middle” bracket 19% of the U.S population. And a whopping 275% of taxes for the 1% of the U.S. These numbers undeniably show a non “equal” society but one out for the 1% and other high rollers. America isn’t protecting the people at the top nor the bottom. But again it's not fair to say the wage gap is not a problem especially with these numbers but with how taxation is heading it should be put more equally instead of pinning it on the rich.”...There is no sustainable way to make the poor richer by making the rich poorer…”-Richard A.
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