Income Inequality In The Koch Brother´s The Koch Brothers

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I. Summary One of the main points brought up is how income inequality is getting worse and worse. The Koch brothers were raised in a rich and a discriminating household. Their father owned the oil empire, putting 100 billion dollars in the Koch brother’s pockets making them rich oil barons. In general, the Koch brother’s want to buy America by paying others to listen to them and bribing council members with money for a total of at least 400 million dollars. From 2010 to 2014 the Koch brother’s spent at least 144 million on ads. In 2009 they tried to resegregate a county’s public school system. They wanted to create segregated neighborhood school, which in the end would dismantle the whole public school system. Another thing the Koch brother’s…show more content…
They are able to manipulate us and make us believe that we should take part in things due to the fact that its broadcasted and most people believe everything they here. They also supported the fact that racism is still at an all-time high because the majority of our senior citizens where alive when racism was a big factor in everyday life. Having power we see makes a tremendous difference and how money can influence people to agree with you. One example that I can think of off the top of my mind is Martin Luther King’s marches and how black supporters would get paid to disrupt his marches and make him seem like the bad guy when MLK was all about being peaceful and having peaceful…show more content…
Before watching the documentary I didn’t know anything about the Koch brothers and how a couple individuals can impact the United States in such a tremendous way. They are rich people that want to make sure that there as happy as possible. Not worrying or caring about any other individual but themselves and their own beliefs. So they’ll anything and everything that they are capable of doing to make sure what they want is the outcome of what we get. This movie gave me a different perspective on those with money and how they’re willing to affect everyone else for their own personal profit. The documentary had many strengths from how they adjusted from idea to idea showing all the impact of each belief the Koch brothers have and all the different impact their beliefs have on us due to the amount of money they process. The film overall made me pretty angry that someone with as much money as they have care so little about the rest of the population. Polluting other people’s neighborhoods, killing other people’s families, ruining cities, and numerous other aspects to life that have been destroyed by the Koch brothers. It proved to me how false someone could be about what is being said and exactly what they mean by that. After watching this documentary it forced me to feel like I need to get more involved and speak my beliefs more so the near future is not ran by bias opinions towards a group of people especially the working

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