Essay On Income Inequalities

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Inequalities are a real break for development nowadays. Even if in a certain way some inequalities cannot be perceived as unfair and by that I mean that they create advantages for some individuals to the detriment of others, the real issue is when one inequality by a snow ball effect creates and an inequality in another domain. Here we are going the study the impacts of income inequality on other types of inequality. For instance earning more or less money than other people is not an inequality in itself. What makes it unfair is the impact it has by creating other inequalities. We also will observe why revenue inequalities a really impacting countries and prevent the lowest population to get a better life quality. First as we can obviously suppose, income inequalities creates economical and social inequalities. Naturally, revenue inequalities generates…show more content…
Different forms of social inequalities act on income. The prestige of a person, a sports champion, for example, have enough influence and weight to get to advertising companies which are going to give him well-paid work. "Social capital" of an individual, that is to say, friends or entourage with whom he can exchange services, also has an important role to access a well-paid job or a career promotion. This is also the case of "cultural capital", which is transmitted unevenly to individuals, during their education, but also by their parents. Income inequalities are also influenced by other forms of economic inequality. Living standard inequalities affect social capital, and thus they affect the revenue growth opportunities. Concerning wealth inequality, they can increase income inequality because it is often possible to get in extra income from assets that you own. This is the case of apartments rented by the owner, profits and dividend from shares of a company, or bonds that lead to regularly receive the amounts applied to
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