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1. Connecting With Clients Income Support Officers work with a range of client groups. The ideal candidate will demonstrate empathy for individual circumstances and be able to respond quickly, accurately and sensitively to client queries and concerns. As a Superannuation Administrator, I processed benefits for members with total and permanent disabilities, financial hardships, retirement benefits, resignation benefits and death benefits to the beneficiaries of the deceased members. I have in all cases used my analytical and legislative knowledge and based my decisions upon thorough investigations of the claims, validating its accuracy and with courtesy either approved or declined the benefits. I identified and prioritised customers who were potentially vulnerable or in distress, such as people with total and permanent disabilities, financial hardship and the beneficiaries of the…show more content…
Building Our Skills Income Support Officers pursue opportunities to learn. The ideal candidate will identify and pursue opportunities to learn and improve. I am very assiduous and take the initiative to learn and grow. I strive at exceeding KPI’s, being productive and professional in my work and have taken responsibility to develop my skills and contribute to my team’s objectives and goals. I joined Superpartners as a Fund Administrator, with no prior knowledge of superannuation legislations. I was trained into processing member and employer contributions. I wanted to learn more about superannuation legislations and policies and therefore took the initiative to complete RG-146 which is a Regulatory Guide on Financial Product Advisors. RG-146 was not mandatory in my role as a Fund Administrator. I nevertheless wanted to learn more than what was required of my role, so that I could be highly professional in my work. I requested to be trained in all the other processing of the department, so that I could be an all-rounder and help the team in meeting deadlines, whenever they

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