Increase Border Security In The United States

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I believe that the US should increase border security for the safety, we are becoming overpopulated, and the illegal drugs that are coming over through Mexico. Many of these problems can be lessened if we increase the security of the border of the United States. This won’t completely get rid of it since there is always a way to get through something, but if we make it harder for people to do these crimes then it will definitely lessen the problem of border control, and be able to capture some of the people committing these crimes. You can clearly see that this problem can be muffled if we do our research and find more ways to block the ones that ruin it all. The first problem is that we are becoming overpopulated and in a time span of 34…show more content…
But you are more likely to commit a crime the less money you have and the average Mexican makes four thousand USD per year which is far from being able to afford a plane ticket. If you have enough money for a plane ticket then chances are that you are well off and there is no point for you to commit a crime since you already have money. So I’d say that the illegal immigrants that come through plane are most likely not a danger to us and have no intent to do any crimes. But another argument is that they are just trying to escape problems and that they’re having many problems in their home country. But that doesn’t give them permission to come in illegally, if they want to come into our country they need to come in legally. So in conclusion to border patrol I see that we should increase border patrol. I heavily believe that this would help bottleneck drug trafficking. Also it would increase the safety of our country and we would still allow immigrants into the country just because we are increasing security doesn’t mean we are banning immigrants from coming in. We’re just trying to stop them from coming into our country and committing crimes and making our home unsafe for the people that live

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