Increase The Cost Of Adoption Essay

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How can adoptions increase “Many see adoption as a universal remedy for a host of problems from overpopulation to infertility” ( The process of adopting a child is very difficult. There are many problems with adoption such as cost, how long the process takes, and how many kids there are to adopt. To decrease the amount of time it takes to adopt, the process should decrease in price, become more efficient, and awareness should increase to make more homes for parent-less children. The adoption process should be made easier because it creates a better environment for a child to be raised in. To make adoption less difficult, you need to make the process move along faster. Making adopting a child more efficient will…show more content…
In order to decrease the cost, the agency could make to process more organized and less cost dependent. The cost of paperwork should decrease along with the price that comes along with the mandatory homestudy. There is also many ways that the price could be decreased without the overall change of the agency. Families that are able and want to adopt could organize fundraisers to raise the money. There is also banks who will offer loans out for adoption purposes. A decrease in the cost is the best option when wanting to grow the number of adoptions in the United States. This is because it creates more families to be able and ready to adopt. “Expect to pay for everything from counseling for the biological mother to getting your fingerprints.” (Williams). In conclusion, the huge expense of adoption is the biggest reason why more families can 't adopt. In conclusion, more families should be able to adopt children. When a child is adopted it creates a stable home for them. In order to increase the number of adoptions, certain things can be done. The process can be made less time consuming. The number of families willing to adopt should increase due to awareness. Finally, the cost could go down making more families able to

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