Incredible Award (BEF)

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The grant proposal being dissected has a two-part title. The title includes a description of the form being used to organize the information and the project being proposed. The form title is, “BEF InCredible Award.” This title describes the authority who gives the award and the purpose of the award. “BEF” in this title means, Brownsburg Education Foundation. Through the inclusion of this acronym the primary audience understands who will be distributing the award. The form-title further entails a type of writing and project that will be submitted to receive this award. The requirement is inferred through the word, “InCredible.” “InCredible” describes the validity of a project as a credible source of knowledge for students, as well as an incredible opportunity, which may be a once in a lifetime experience. The rhetoric within this word is significant because it makes us think about the quality of education and the opportunity of the experience.
The second part the project-title is “Bicentennial Kids.” This portion of the title describes the proposed plan for which the grant
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This primary author/contributor of the form is the Brownsburg Education Foundation Grant Committee. This is a diverse committee made up of volunteer community members, educators, and business leaders. This committee is also associated with Brownsburg schools. The secondary author is Marie Kirkeiner, who is proposing this project to gain support from the grant. Based on personal knowledge, I know that she is genuine in her purpose because she is an elementary music educator who has led similar projects. She also believes it is important to offer students unique opportunities to grow and explore which is displayed through her Philosophy of Music Education. In addition to the role change language use changes. The teacher is the audience member of the form but the committee becomes the audience once the form is filled
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