Indecisive Women In The Great Gatsby

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There is poor and there is wealthy. There is beautiful and there is hideous. There is passive and there is assertive. In the book The Great Gatsby, wrote by F. Scott Fitzgerald, there is a variety of 1920’s women portrayed throughout the novel, showing various personality types and physical appearances that could have been seen at the time. Daisy Buchanan is the narrator, Nick’s, cousin. She is married to Tom Buchanan, a very rich man made of old money, or money from family. Together they have one child. Years before the book takes place, Daisy had met another one of the major characters, Jay Gatsby, during the war, but they never married due to Gatsby’s current money situation. Someone could describe Daisy as a beautiful southern belle. She comes off as very innocent and pure, and the narrator, Nick, made to point out her interesting voice. He says, “It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down, as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again”(Fitzgerald 33). Though Daisy is a very pure woman, she is also seen as an indecisive and careless person, along with someone who makes her decisions in the moment. As for the relationships between Daisy and the males in the book, Daisy is mostly treated with respect. In the beginning of the book, Daisy’s husband Tom…show more content…
Jordan is overall described as being a more assertive, blunt, and dishonest character. Daisy is more on the other side of the spectrum, being described as a more pure, innocent, more kept together type of character. They both seem to like to live in the moment, though Daisy is more careless when it comes to making decisions. They both find respect coming from Gatsby and Nick, but Gatsby seems to treat Daisy better due to their level of romance. Both women seem to be treated the same when it comes to Tom, who sees himself as much higher as the two women, and shows it by the level of respect he gives each

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