Indentured Servant Narrative

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Narrator 1: It was the early 17th century. Back In the U.K. the king of England was forcing everyone to believe in a specific religion. Not everyone wanted to believe in that religion. Narrator 2: That 's why they came here to the “New land”. Narrator 1: Yes you are right but some didn 't have a choice to come to connecticut. Narrator 2: What do you mean some didn 't have a choice? Narrator 1: Yeah there were slaves they were forced to come here, there was criminal who were given a choice to stay and get locked behind bars or to go to the new land, there was also Indentured Servants. Narrator 2: what is a Indentured servant? Narrator 1: An Indentured servant is someone who signs a contract agreeing to work in exchange for payment to go to America. Narrator 2: So today we are…show more content…
Steven: Okay class is dismissed. Timothy stay everyone else may go. Timothy: How may I help you sir? Mr.steven: You were late and you know if you 're late then you will be punished. Timothy: Yes sir. Mr. Steven: Then You shall stay after and clean the classroom. Timothy: But my mum is expecting me to be home. Mr. Steven: Well you should’ve thought of that before being late. Narrator 1: So Timothy stay and cleaned the room without complaining because he knew if he did then it would be much worse. Narrator 2: After Timothy was finished he grabbed his materials and walked home. Mom: Where on earth have you been!? Timothy: I was late for school and Mr. Steven made me stay after school to clean the room as a punishment for being late. Edward fell asleep during class and Mr. Steven whipped him on his ear. His scream was with much pain, making me feel bad for him. Mom: Poor child... Timothy: Mr. Steven also yell at us for talking in class to each other. Mom: Well what a horrible thing to do. Timothy: I know. Mom: We came here for a reason. Timothy: I know, I know mom. Narrator 1:If you don 't know what Timothy mom is talking about then were about to tell
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