Indentured Servants In Pennsylvania

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Even though the German has mixed experiences with Pennsylvania, the indentured servants, women and slaves were the ones that could not see best out of Pennsylvania. The indentured servants were bound to their masters when they arrived in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately for them, they were considered unfree rather than a “freemen” (39). These servants were usually held for four years then exchanged for payment to be sold to a new masters. Luckily for the indentured servants they were not unfree permanently in Pennsylvania. They had a chance to become a freemen and see the best side of Pennsylvania that everyone talks about.
Women were on the unpleasant experience of Pennsylvania as well as they were seen unimportant compared to men. Women had no legal rights as everything in their lives was covered by the husband. They did not get the chance to own any property or money as it belongs to the husband whether if it was her family’s land to begin with. Women seem to struggle at seeing Pennsylvania as the “the best poor man’s country” because they do not get the opportunity to make something out of themselves due to being basically property to their husband. The husband gets to live their experience for them as they sit back and let them have their life.
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Slavery was legal in Pennsylvania, as well as all the other colonies. They has “no Laws made in Favour” (44) for them so economic opportunity was irrelevant to them. In all of the colony only about 150 African Americans were free in Philadelphia. They were bound to their masters and were to obey the rules they set for them. To keep the slaves from running away or from punishing them, the masters allowed them to get married for them to stay. This way in the end the slaves gets a little bit of happiness and the master still has control over the slave, but in all reality the slave same in the cruel position they
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