Indentureship In Trinidad, And Plato's Summary Of Trinidad And Tobago

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Caribbean islands, especially Trinidad and Tobago, are famed for their diverse culture and their abilities to co-exist harmoniously. The history of how these islands become diverse however, are plagued by the disquieting and despotic terrors of slavery. After its abolition, another problem arose in the form of lack of a fixed labour force, as without the slaves there was no one to work the sugar cane fields. Threatened by this issue that could single-handedly ruin the monetary state of the island, Trinidad and Tobago turned to indentureship as a quick solution. Between 1845 and 1917, around 143,939 Indians were migrated to the island under questionable contracts. Despite slavery being over, the similarities between it and indentureship were…show more content…
They do not do much apart from that, as their presence is marked by the sound of their giggling at the boy and his shortcomings. The man of their trio does all the explaining while the women just laugh and this is quite disserting. For any female looking for some sort of guiding light for feminism in this short story will definitely leave disappointed. They obviously try to catch the attention of the young boy by pretending not to look at him and sharing glances. A peculiar word is used to describe their laughter and glances at one point in the story, and that word is “coyly.” ‘Coy,’ which is usually associated with women, is defined as “making a pretence of shyness or modesty which is intended to be alluring. The women obviously do not take this seduction technique very seriously through their delight so this show of ‘modesty’ is almost certainly just a quick way of having fun while on the job. The boy is everything that comes with being young; naïve, innocent and curious, and to the women, he is the perfect creature on which they intend to prey upon. Because of his youth, their motives are not clear to him and he deems them as friendly people. He does appear to fall under their spell as their clothes are “exciting: and he tries to impress them with his love for
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