Independence Day In Dominican Republic

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Independence day in Dominican Republic is February 26,1844 its celebrated yearly during carnival.The carnival is celebrated every year during the entire month of February.The type of government the dominican republic has is Republic,Democracy,Representative democracy,Unitary state,and Presidential system.The Dominican Republic is a representative Democracy with three arms of power;the executive,legislature,and judiciary. It’s also a multi-party state with municipal elections held every two years, rotating with the presidential election. The elections in the Dominican Republic have mainly been free and fair since 1996 according to the International Observers. 10.6 million people live in dominican republic as of today.

Some typical foods eaten and cooked are white rice, habichuelas guisadas (stewed beans), pollo guisado or res guisada (braised chicken or beef) and salad. These meal also are traditional lunch meals and also can be dinner meals in dominican republic .The capital of dominican republic is Santo domingo it’s been the capital of dominican republic ever since 2011 but founded august 5 1498 520 years ago.The Dominican Republic mostly exports cigars, plastics, electrical equipment, jewellery, medical equipment, clothing, scrap metals and beverages. The Dominican Republic's chief exports collaborator is the United States, accounting for over 65
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The current president of dominican republic is Danilo Medina Sánchez born November 10 1951.He is a Dominican politician and President of the Dominican Republic, since 2012.Medina formerly served as Chief of Staff to the President of the Dominican Republic for 7 years He won the May 2012 Dominican presidential election leading him to become president of the dominican
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