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Pic 1 - The impressive India Gate at Rajpath, New Delhi is a war memorial designed by Edwin Lutyens and built with sandstone. It is 160 ft. in height from the ground. The interior ach of the monument is 136’ and external is 87’6”. Pic 2 – His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught laid the foundation of India Gate in 1921 and its construction was completed in 1931. Pic 3 – The imposing India Gate is a favourite picnic spot among locals and tourists. The lawns on either side of the Gate soothe people in summer evenings. Pic 4 – India Gate was originally called the All India War Memorial. The monument has the names of Indian and British solders killed in the Afghan War, 1919, inscribed on it. Meta Description: India Gate was designed…show more content…
The background and lighting may be created by graphic designers, but the effects are powerful to imagine a temple in heaven. Meta Description: The Akshardham temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and is the world 's largest comprehensive temple in Delhi. Pic 1 – The ruins of the Presbyterian Church on Ross Island, Andaman & Nicobar. Built of stone and bricks, it once had windows made out of Burma teak. You can get a magnificent view of the harbour from here. Pic 2 - Once bubbling with activities, the residents on Ross Island is now enveloped with ficus roots. Pic 3 - Walking under the shade of these looming trees have you lost in pleasant thoughts and imagine life on Ross Island when it was under the British. Pic 4 – One of the many Japanese Bunker on Ross Island. When the British abandoned the island during World War II, the Japanese landed here and stayed for a while. Pic 5 – The cruise port of Ross Island. You can reach here in a boat from Aberdeen Jetty in Port Blair. Meta Description: Ross Island in Andaman & Nicobar was a heaven for the British. You can see the ruins of the Presbyterian Church, buildings enveloped with ficus roots, and Japanese

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