Compare And Contrast Essay On India Vs China

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India has a rapid growing economy and a developing social, and they will soon become an economic powerhouse in the world. However, China is one of the most socially and economically advanced countries in the world. India lack multiple components that set them beneath China and the rest of the world. China leads them in all three of the statistics that follow: Poverty, GDP growth, and gender equality. Throughout history China has been more successful than India and it will remain this way, until India changes their ways.

Firstly, poverty is one of the largest issues both of these countries face. The Indian government has tried to help their people, but have not been as successful as China in doing so. For example, over the past thirty years China has created over 800 million jobs in its, helping their people and getting them off of the streets. Most of these jobs are working in factories, and as a result they are receiving money to support themselves and their families. In contrast, to China’s success, India has failed to imitate this, and have sent nearly one fourth of their population into extreme poverty. This is nearly 450 million people living without or barely any
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They are currently better off economically, they are equal to both and all genders, and they helped hundreds of millions of people with poverty. As for the future, China’s economy has shown signs of slowing down, and they do not have much space for factories anymore, my hypothesis is that China will become similar to Japan in the 90’s. China has had a couple of decades of economic and social success, but they will soon flat line and perhaps even decline a bit. If India solve their problems then they will be able to surpass China one day, and will compete against the United States for one of the most powerful economies in the world. For the moment China is more successful right now, and throughout the rest of

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