India Sahgal Character Analysis

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Introduction: NayantaraSahgal is one of the distinguished Indo- English Writer who writes in the stream of national consciousness. She is a novelist and political commentator who has published nine novels and some non-fictional works. In all her novels, there is a juxtaposition of two worlds- the personal world of man – woman relationship and the impersonal world of politics. Besides politics her novels also focuses attention on Indian woman 's search for sexual freedom and self realization. Novels bring out Sahgal as a writer with feminist concerns seeking independent existence of women. She recognizes that as a woman novelist, her primary obligation is that of advocating the emancipation of women. She describes in her novels how a woman is exploited during the modern times by both the individuals and the society. She tried to portray the sensibility of women that how a woman looks out at herself and her problems and feels that women should try to understand and realize herself as a human being and not just as an appendage to some male life. Theme of the Novel: The novel is a fine example of the Female Literary Tradition in Indian English Language. Though the main theme of the novel is politics, yet the problem of divorce and disintegration of Marriage in a typical Indian Setting are also beautifully dealt with. In almost every novel Sahgal has a central woman who gradually moves towards an awareness of her emotional needs. This novel deals with the struggle of a
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