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Initially, I wanted to choose the British Empire as the topic of my GFS. However, during some research, I stumbled upon India and the metaphor of this country as “the jewel in the crown” created a vivid impression about its importance in the 19th and 20th century. In the following, I would like to give an understanding of India with the central question: “The path of India – a successful way to independence?”
First of all, I would start with the British Rule in India, considering overall progress and arising issues. The second point involves first attempts of the Indians to get more independence and self-organization through the Indian National Congress and later on Gandhi’s movement. Afterwards, WWII will be topic of this summary, as it was the crucial turning point in the fight for independence. In the end, I would like to draw a conclusion and answer the central question.
The British Rule

The British Rule over the Indian subcontinent, also known as “the Raj“, lasted from 1858 to 1947. During this period of time, India was part of the British Empire and considered as “the jewel in the crown”. It brought immense wealth to Great Britain
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The negotiations started in 1942, where the British government offered the right to self-determination but this was rejected by the Indian. They thought that the offer might be a bluff like the Morley-Minto reforms, which were very effective on the paper but changed nothing in reality. The Indian National joined the Japanese and fought against the British to put them further under pressure.
As a result, the Indian Independence Bill took effect on the 15th August of 1947. However, because of massive religious conflicts, the former Indian colony was divided into India and Pakistan.

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