Indian Agriculture Problems

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INDIAN AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY PROBLEM :- Our country India faces many problems regarding agriculture, some of them are major and other are minor and they all are discussed below: Small and fragmented land-holdings: In our Indian culture whatever property the father belong is to be to distribute among their sons equally. It may be at the time of existence or may be after his death. The pressure of increasing population and the practice of dividing land equally among the heirs has caused excessive sub divisions of farm holdings. Consequently, the holdings get smaller and fragmented. The small size of holdings makes farming activity uneconomical and leads to social tension, violence among them and discontentment. The main reason for this sad state of affairs is our inheritance laws. This distribution of land does not entail a collection or consolidated one, but its nature is…show more content…
Just as a well-nourished body is capable of doing any good job, a well nourished soil is capable of giving good yields. It has been estimated that about 70 per cent of growth in agricultural production can be attributed to increased fertilizer application. Cow dung provide the best manure to the soil it act as a bio manure, it is also a kind of fertilizer. Thus increase in the consumption of fertilizers is a barometer of agricultural prosperity. However, there are practical difficulties in providing sufficient manures and fertilizers in all parts of a country of India’s dimensions inhabited by poor peasants. We can use cow dung in fields in place of chemical fertilizers as they are costlier and so they are out of reach of poor farmers but they cant even use more cow dung in the field as they use it as a fuel in the form of dung cakes, so the fertilizer problem is complex. The utilization of this potential will solve the twin problem of disposal of waste and providing manure to the

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