Indian Animation History

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Animation is a name which has been practically storming the motion picture industry these days. In today's world right where everybody right from a 3 year old kids to 80-year old grandparents loves to watch an animation motion picture. Have you ever felt curious to know what animation exactly is and how did it came into existence? Animation is nothing but a rapid display of a sequence of frames or images slightly differ from one another. The display is so quick that it builds an illusion of movement in the eyes of its viewers.The main support behind the development of animation is the phenomenon of persistence of vision.

Ever since the discovery of photography, people learnt that the pictures taken in a fast sequence of images of a moving
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The first animated serial was was called Gayed Aya or Gayeb appears made by a youthful Bengali craftsman who had moved to Delhi looking as a profession in 1981,the man was Suddhasattwa Basu.The serial was a 10 part animation series and it was the first animated serial to be completely made in India, broadcasted first in July 17,1990 on Doordarsha,India’s official premier government television channel. Basu decided to become an animator while working as an illustrator in Target. Basu animated The entire serial only with the help of his two assistants and an outdated 16mm camera. With no budget Basu designed his own animation stand. Gayeb is the story of a friendly Little spook, who can appear and disappear at his will, hence the Gayeb, which means ‘Vanish’ in Hindi. This spook is constantly decent to youngsters and bails them out, however for the devious he always arrives to show a lesson. Every action packed part of the 10 part animated series is presented of 12 1/2 minutes and has less dialogues composed by Bijoya Ghosh and others, and music by Shyam and Sudip Banerjee. The serial quickly turned out to be popular among kids of all

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