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Indian cuisines reflect a 5000 year history of mixing of several communities and cultures, leading to diverse flavours and regional cuisines. The arrival of the Mughals, Brtish, and Portuguese further added variety to Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine has also shaped the history of international relations; the spice trade between India and Europe is often cited by historians as the primary catalyst for European’s age of discovery. Spices were brought and traded around Europe and Asia. As food lovers travelled to India, same goes with the Indian food; it has travelled abroad and gained huge popularity not only among Indians but also among the native people residing there. India is a diverse nation; people from different parts of the world come to India to experience the lavish taste, aroma of spices and delicious food. India is a nation of mix people from different caste and creed and every caste or region has its own cuisine which in turn makes the food lovers to explore every cuisine across the length and breadth of the country. This trend is not only limited within the nation but foreign companies are eagerly interested in investing in this sector by importing Indian food products to their native nations.
Indian migration has spread the culinary traditions of the subcontinent throughout the world. These cuisines have been adapted to local tastes, and have also affected local cuisines. Indian tandoor dishes such as chicken tikka enjoy widespread popularity.
Indian cuisine is

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