Indian English Literature In India

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Indian English Literature have contributed many valuable writers and precious works which hold a very important position in the literary scenario of india. Indian Writing in English has emerged as a new platform to express the indian culture. Also it turned out to be a new affirmation voice to indian writers. Writers in Indian English Writings pen for a variety of themes to express Indian customs, traditions, myths, social values and even Indian history through the depiction of life in India. These writers have beaten the difficulty of writing in a language which is entirely a foreign one for Indians. They gradually developed a distinctive style for themselves by mastering the English language and adding Indian flavors into it to complete the Indian style of writing. English has a rare privilege and popularity in India as it holds a pre – eminent position in the education sector of India. English is considered in India as an elite language. It has become an appropriate medium to express imagination and creative writings of Indians. Other than that the Indian English writers dedicated their creativity and intelligence with enviable ease and gained mastery of a foreign tongue to assert the creative talent and imaginative power of their works. They shaped their writings so as to give emphasis on the conflicts and dilemmas of common Indians. Indian English literature is a virtuous platform to illustrate the ever rare gems of Indian English writing. Though Indian writings in

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