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10 Indian Film Publicity Posters with Mind blowing Designs Indian film has crafted its own place in the film history of the world. India has a great history of the film industry with more than 100 years background which has molded many films creating a special niche. India is a multi-lingual country with multiple film industries diversified by different languages. It is obvious that every film needs some publicity to increase its views. In general, posters are used to promote a film in public. Starting from the history, till today, there are many changes observed in the film publicity posters, especially in terms of design. Today, you can observe different design techniques used for designing a film poster. These are some Indian film publicity…show more content…
X was the film which is completely portrayed against a concept of invisible man. There are many graphic effects used in the movie where they are compulsory to use. In order to increase curiosity among the audience and to portray an idea about the movie in their minds, an exclusive publicity poster was designed revealing the concept to some extent. In the poster, you can observe the hero was portrayed as a partly invisible man along with an action sequence in the background. The way he was firing and the bullets falling down portraits the film as an action thriller. The graphic effect which was seen in the poster was designed exclusively making it look more…show more content…
The exclusive design of the poster is an eye-locking picture for both art and action lovers. The way the hero was portrayed in the poster with the angry look was completely different which in turn enhanced with graphic effect of fire including a guitar in it. This poster was designed by Rahul Nanda and was reformed as a painting by Grzegorz Domaradzki, who was a polish illustrator and web designer. The fire along with the angry look of hero indirectly depicting the rising fire present in the hero. The poster forced the audience to pre-expect the story behind it, attracting them towards the poster. 8) Bhopal – A Prayer for Rain Bhopal followed by a tagline ‘A prayer for rain’, is an Indian film which is based on a real story of a factory explosion that took place in Bhopal 30 years back. The movie depicts the way the people are struggling even today due to this drastic explosion. The publicity poster of this film was portrayed with the factory outlet designed on half of the face of a lady. The graphic effects added to the poster making it look more interesting, highlighting the effect caused by the explosion to the people living nearby. 9)

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