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India is well known for its ‘Unity in Diversity’ and this unity in the vast culinary diversity can easily be seen in the Indian Cuisine. The best part of Indian cuisine is the availability of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Indian dishes are famous for its aroma, beautiful use of spices, flavours, colors and variety. No wonder, Indian food dishes tastes amazing mainly because of the wealth of spices and herbs that Indian sub-continent possesses. Here are top 10 dishes from the different regions of India that you must try:
10. Bhapa Ilish:
This is the most commonly cooked Hilsa recipes in almost all Bengali houses and holds a very special place in Bengali’s palate. It is a traditional Bengali delicacy cooked in a tangy mustard sauce and steamed to perfection. This is usually had with hot steamed rice. Moreover the fish hilsa which is used in this dish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. So apart from being extremely delicate to the taste buds it is also very healthy. It is must have for those who are health freaks.
9. Daal Baati Churma:
This Rajasthani specialty consists of spicy dal (lentils) served with crunchy baati (round breads made from wheat flour) baked over firewood giving it a burnt smoky flavour. The baatis are crisp from outside and soft from
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It is one of those dishes which is famous all over India whether it be in any Rajasthni house or in the menus of a 5 star restaurant. It was earlier a myth that is just another version of the Kashmiri Rogan Josh but this not true. It is made from the best quality of mutton and ows it beautiful crimson red colour and spicy tang to the “Mathania Red Chilly”. Garlic, cloves, yoghurt and other spices together with a rustic flavor of charcoal gives a good blend of flavours to this dish. This culinary delight is best enjoyed with Chapatis made from wheat or bajra, rice and cool yoghurt raita. It is indeed a celebration of all

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