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Food habits are shaped by climatic conditions and factors like class and income and is the basic necessity for survival. However, various regions boast of exotic foods that are special to a particular region. This variety of food choices makes the world a better place. And this new food culture inspires more people to try newer dishes.
Indian cuisine is a 5,000-year history of various groups and cultures interacting with the subcontinent, which gives rise to diversity in flavours of modern-day India. Later, Mughal and Portuguese culture added to the already diverse Indian cuisine. Food and the festivals are the most important facets of every major city’s culture.
When food festivals are on the go, can any foodies be left behind? I don’t think
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Master Chef Finalist Jyoti Arora offers you the best of Punjabi cuisine. Some of the dishes are – Butter Chicken, Amritsari Machhi, Methi Malai Lassi, Badaam Wala Thanda Doodh, Chicken Do Pyaza, Mutton Rogan Josh, Keema Matar, Kadai Chicken, Rahra Meat, Paneer Makhanwala, Daal Pinni,Sarson da Saag and Gajar ka Murabba just to name a few!

1. Goan Food Festival at Seasonal Tastes
Goa! The very name reminds us of fun, beautiful beaches and parasailing over the ocean. Goa is also known for its night life, forts and Goan cuisine which is a fusion of Indian and Portuguese cuisine. Enjoy the taste Goa of in its truest form: from its spicy seafood to its yum desserts!
2. Bengali Food Festival at The Square Restaurant
The taste of Bengal has come to Hyderabad. The specialty of their food lies in the amazing blend of spice and sweet flavors. A typical Bengali plate is not complete without fish and the sweet curd. So, if it’s the authentic Bengali Food that you want to taste then The Square Restaurant at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Center is the place to be. For people who crave new varieties of Bengali food then this place is heaven. They are serving food like Alur Chop, Macher Jhol, Kosha Mangsho, Chachchari, Beguni and Mistio Doi, etc. Sandesh, Malpua, Payesh, Chum Chum, Rasgolla and more will be served in sweet dish.

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