Indian Gender Roles

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Origin Of Gender Roles

Gender roles in India date back to 200 B.C at this time they were enforced by their religion which often displayed women as second rated people whose sole purpose was having children and serving their husbands. The man was shown as the important person who does all the providing and decision making. This became a traditional view of women that carried on to this day. While this view is certainty changing, if only slowly, it strongly affects India's citizens view on how women and men should act. With the Caste System children are early introduced to social ranking and having an elite feeling over people that are under them they transfer this concept to the idea that men are better than women which is also encouraged
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If they want to they can forbid them to wear anything they see as unfit for them. If the husband feels like having sex the most of them see it as a duty of the wife to oblige every time he wants it does not matter if she wants to or not. More than half of the men use violence against women as a way to discipline them. When married the husband can demand the wife to give up her job so she can stay home and take care of him and the children. About half of the women can not read because it was not seen as important to give them the same education. Even if a wife is still allowed to work she is paid 30% less for the same work as her counterpart male. Girls are married off at a young age in political marriage or for money. Because sons are more popular and daughters are killed, the female population is decreasing at an alarming rate this caused a rise in female abductions, trafficking, forced marriage and violence against…show more content…
It doesn't matter for the husband but for a lot of people it is unacceptable for a woman to have sex before marriage. This also includes rape imagine having one of the worst things happening to you and you can't tell anybody about because that would make you unsuitable for marriage and therefore gives you extreme disadvantages in life. Every year only about 7% of the rapes or sexual assault are reported to the police and most of the rapist face no consequences. In Indian marriages women are taught that making there husband happy is the most important thing you can do. You must forgive him every time he cheats on you, while when women cheat in a marriage it frequently happens that the husband kills her for it. Even if a women is in the worst marriage possible often divorce is a whole lot worse for them. Every asset will most likely be given to the husband. Even if she could win her case most of the time they can not afford the legal help necessary for it as they do not work. In the rare case that they win they only get 2-10% of the annual income and only if she can prove how much he earns as Indian men often hide
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