Black American And Indian Literature Summary

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The budding of inestimable varieties promising literary texts in India is owing to her linguistic assortment. Multilingual India with its repository of literatures has the potential for becoming an inspiring practicum for literary translation and comparative studies. It furnishes abundant scope for comparative scholars to study Indian Literature based on history, ideology and theology. According to 1981 census 221 spoken languages were recorded in India excluding languages of speakers totaling less than 10,000. In addition to the 18 languages recognized by our Indian Constitution as major languages four more are recognized by the Sahitya Akademi for their impact in literature. Abundant literary output is left to be relished from all these languages which in turn demand a common forum. A constructive forum to study and understand the ample sources under one roof is the quest of many comparative scholars and writers in India.
Sivasankari, a prominent novelist in Tamil has started her long sixteen year old mission to unify India through her work “Knit India through Literature”. Her project hopes to introduce Indians to other Indians. She has said in an interview to The Hindu on June 14, 2009, “I had seen many writers discuss Black American and African literature, but very few
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While comparing the works of Indian writers it would be easy for identifying the lifestyle of Indians, customs and traditions followed in Indian families, the constructive features that enhance the progress of individuals and the depressing factors that demolish the future of many. This comparative study will ensure the scholars from comparative literature to promote the optimistic mindset while tracing the hurdles that destroy the happiness of people and the solutions that are suggested may be yet another productive step in demolishing social
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