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Indian women writers have given a new dimension to the Indian literature. Indian English literature has developed over a period of time and writing in English did not start in a day. It took many years and several distinguished personalities to bring the present status and distinction to Indian English literature. Indian literature is not only about novels, it is also about poetries and short stories. It is still believed that women are the upholders of the rich Indian tradition of fables, story telling and more. In the mid-nineteenth century, more women started to write in the English language.(1) With the passage of time, English literature has witnessed several changes in the writing patterns. Indian women authors has always been undervalued because of some patriarchal assumptions. Indian societies gave priorities to the worth of male experiences. In those days, women used to write about a woman 's perception and experiences within the enclosed domestic arena. On the other hand, male authors used to deal with heavy themes. Thus, it was assumed that their work would get more priority and acceptance in the society. In the 19th century, more and more women actively participated in India 's reformist movement against the British rule. It again led to the women 's literature. At that time, their write-ups mainly concentrated on the country 's freedom struggle. Over the years, the world of feminist ideologies began to influence the English literature of India. One of them is

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