Indian Literature

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Literature can be classified according to whether it is fiction non- fiction and whether it is prose or poetry, it can be further distinguished according to major forms such as the novel, short story or drama and works are often categorized according feather or expectations. The quest to discover a definition for ‘literature’ is a road that is much travelled, though the point of arrival, if ever reached, seldom satisfactory. Indian literature refers to the literature produced on the Indian subcontinent until 1947 and
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This native language is careful pure it is addressed as a standard model of comparison .This however have caused difficulties for non- naive writers of Indian English Literature and it is more the rarely that have to protector themselves writing again, in English. The term Indo-Anglian is used to denote original literary creation in the English language by Indians. Today these are a large number of education Indians who use the English language as a medium of the creation exploration and expression of their experience of…show more content…
Chandra Chaterjee becomes the first Indian writer of the novel in English. He made his mark with Raj Mohan’s Wife, published in 1864.Toru Dutt’s novel Binaca or The young Spanish Maiden which published after her death by her father in the columns of the Bengali Magazine, Toru Dutt was the foremost, women novelist in French and English literature. Her sensibility, attitude to feminine beauty and grace , though apparently English is essentially Indian ,closer as it to Indian writers like Meena Alexander,Lalithambika,Antharjanam,AmiritaPritam,NeelamSaxena,Chandra,Githa Hariharan, Anuratha, Ramanan etc..., Contemporary women’s fiction is a challenge to master narratives. It focuses on differences that make a difference to women in dominant masculine culture. It is also significant that women writers have not simply been limited to the private territory but have moved beyond it. It provides insight, a wealth of understanding, basin of meaning and basis of discussion. The world is being seen in a new extent through the eyes of women fiction writers. Today fiction by women writers contributes a major segment of the contemporary Indian writing in
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