Indian Ocean Trade Research Paper

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Indian Ocean Trade- Indian Ocean trade was one of the key trade routes in the Eastern half of the world. There were many periods of trade including the Chinese, the Gujaratis, and the Romans. Many religions such as Islam, Hindu-Buddhism, and many other cultures and ways of life. The Chinese under their ruler used the ocean for military and for diplomacy, but in the process they exchanged many goods and many great relationships. This ocean was also home to a ¨Monsoon Season¨, that helped sailors get across ocean because of the predictability of the wind. That is what it is most known for cheap trade because of low demand from ease of travel. This connection of trade routes included Swahili coast cities, Islamic empires in the Middle East, India, China, Southeast Asia, and did not include Europe. Many of the things exported were ivory, timber, and books because of the wide variety of needs in these lands. 2. Silk Road- The Silk road was for anyone and everyone that had something…show more content…
He brought a lot of gold via camels. He caused inflation in Alexandria because of the amount of gold he put into the economy. This story leads us to know of Western Africa 's affairs with India. This story also tells us that Islam was one of the most active religion at the time. Timbuktu was one of the most important cities among them in Africa. Traders were among the first to convert to Islam in Western Africa because of the social connection they can obtain through it. They would convert other people along the routes and bring back scholars and many well -educated people to increase their power over the people. Ibn batuta was one of the most famous of the scholars and he instituted Islam also. Overall, the trade route was mostly used for spread of wealth and power, from scholars and educated from Swahilis Bantu collection of

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