Indian People In The Philippines Essay

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In this research study, we will be able to know who these Indians are. Why these Indians migrated here in the Philippines. What was there reasons. We will also know their history, where did they come from. Apart from that, we will be able to discover some facts about Sindhi and Punjabi people. This study focuses on their migration and also how the Philippines have greatly influenced the Indian culture and its influences. The Indian Community in the Philippines is a little bit small which is estimated five thousand in compared to the overseas Indians in other Southeast Asian countries. These migrants are actually originated from Sindh and Punjabi people. Unlike the Punjabis, the Sindhis had been traders and had developed long tradition…show more content…
There is actually nothing wrong if you believe it or not. I believe that every person has the right to choose his own faith or his own religion. Yet I wouldn’t believe those supernatural either. I believe in One God the father almighty and that’s it. And also I have realized why Indians migrated here in the Philippines. According to what I have researched, there is a better lifestyle here in the Philippines than in India. I think it’s because living here in the Philippines is way more better than any other country. They have seen that it is peaceful, in some other places and such Filipinos are really cheerful and kind and can treat other tourists or immigrants as their own family or as their close friend. Another one is that we have this Hospitality. Filipinos are hospitable. They welcomed their guests and they’re also friendly at the same time. Thar’s one thing Indians love to be in here than in other countries. And then lastly, Filipinos have been taking English as their 2nd language. Not all Indians could speak in English. Many of them couldn’t really speak in English. That’s why they wanted to travel here so they may be able to learn the English language. Not all Filipinos could speak in English too yet Filipinos were determined to be as good as to other people who are fluent in English

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